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What eCommerce Businesses Can Learn from the Australian Survivor TV Show [2021]
What eCommerce Businesses Can Learn from the Australian Survivor TV Show [2021]

The latest season of Ten’s Australian Survivor is providing us all with the lockdown respite we need. For the unfamiliar, this reality show is all about putting ordinary people to the test under extreme conditions designed to test their competitiveness, cunningness, and creativity. From an eCommerce business owner’s perspective, it’s like constantly being upheaved by your competitor’s latest product innovation or store update. After being quite intrigued by the dog-eat-dog mechanics of the show (and its entertaining component of ‘Brains VS Brawn’ outcomes) I can’t help but draw similarities to current strategies eCommerce businesses can benefit from.

Things eCommerce Businesses Can Learn from the Australian Survivor TV Show

  • The importance of being resourceful: Make the best of what you have. Way too often, shiny object syndrome has a way to get the better of us and getting the latest solutions seem to be only way out. But try giving your team a moment to assess – really think about the issues at hand and devise a plan. This develops creativity, credibility, collaboration and innovative mindsets that would offer unique solutions to your customers in the long-haul.
  • Adaptability: The show’s crazy changes really goes to show that staying complacent is no longer an option. Having the ability to move, swerve, and yes, our favourite word, pivot, has almost become a mantra for most business owners during the pandemic. Obviously, making agile decisions that don’t compromise the integrity of your product and services is easier said than done. However, we’ve seen that doing the opposite does more irreversible harm than good.
  • Not just survival of the fittest: Like we see on the show, winning Survivor requires a whole host of things – strong social skills, being able to think on your feet, becoming a good team player, as well as the ability to strategise. It’s never just one thing. While your eCommerce website could be functioning well, it takes a good understanding of your audience needs, a grasp of logistics & supply, a solid strategy and strong customer retention plans that keep your business growing and thriving.
  • You have to survive for more than one day: Competition is everywhere. Just a slight delay in your site loading speed and customers are free to hop onto another site. Sure, this is inevitable in business, but playing to your strengths is a timeless mantra. Being persistent about your unique values-based offering, engaging your audiences, focusing on your customer’s convenience, and always optimising your business growth plans. These are long-term aspects that will earn you a spot in the forefront and show that you’re here for the long haul. Not just making heated, in-the-moment snap decisions purely to survive.

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