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Love/Hate relationship with Agencies?

Leaving your marketing budget to the wrong agency is dangerous.

If you’ve been burned by a typical high promise sales strategy backed up by poor delivery - don’t give up yet on taking the agency route.

Here is what to watch out for when deciding on a partner agency:

  • Cookie-cutter approach
  • Vanity metrics
  • Know who is working on your account
  • Start with understanding the audience
  • Testing process & making good decisions
  • Understanding of ecommerce niches
  • Transparency on the account
  • Educating you as a business owner/marketer

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Why You’ll Love Working With Us

Boutique Agency Service

Get on-boarded by the most senior experts in our agency

Access To Our Entire Team of Experts

Media buyers, strategists, UI/UX designers, CRO specialists, copywriters & video animators

We Work With Your Creative Assets

We’ll help you create winning ads using the content and image assets that you have

F*&k Vanity Metrics, Let’s Talk Real Results

Forget impressions and clicks - those are easy. We focus on the bottom line - Profit & Revenue Growth

Increase Revenue without Increasing Ad Spend

Our E-commerce Flywheel Framework amplifies your performance marketing efforts

E-commerce Hive-Mind

As a specialist agency we continuously offer micro-services, strategies & industry research specifically to help the e-commerce niche you operate in

Buying Ads Alone is Not Enough

Buying Ads Alone is Not Enough

Introducing The E-commerce Flywheel Framework™

Performance Marketing can be a game charger for many e-commerce businesses looking to launch or scale.

The combination of performance marketing and e-commerce creates a collapsed purchase journey timeline like never seen before in traditional media and retail channels: prospects go from desire -> click on ad -> shop -> buy -> arrival on doorstep in under 24 hours.

However, experienced players know challenges will present themselves over time. Cost-per-customer acquisition (CAC) can go up when you scale after you win your first-bet customers.

That’s why we amplify our core performance marketing offering with our E-commerce Flywheel Framework™, so you can scale without relying heavily on paid channels.

E-commerce Flywheel Framework Get Your E-Commerce Flywheel Plan

Increase Sales Without Increasing Ad Spend

Increase Sales Without Increasing Ad Spend

We combine Scalable Performance Marketing with key services, microservices and strategies to:

  • Increase Customer Lifetime Value
  • Increase Average Order Value
  • Increase Organic Traffic
  • Increase Referral Traffic
  • Increase Conversion Rates
Increase Sales Without Increasing Ad Spend
Apply Best & Latest Practices for E-commerce

Apply Best & Latest Practices for E-commerce

Apply Best & Latest Practices for E-commerce

As a specialist e-commerce marketing agency for D2C, Omnichannel/Retail and Virtual Products we are constantly refining our playbooks and developing resources to help each and every client we take on to dominate their niche.

Platform & Tools We Work With

Performance Marketing Flywheel Optimisation Service

We only use industry-leading tools and platforms that work best for e-commerce businesses. This allows you to get the most cost-effective technology stack to achieve your specific needs.

Performance Marketing Flywheel Optimisation Service

Types of E-commerce Clients We Work With:

D2C (Direct to Customer)


Virtual Products

Our Process
Campaign Planning & Setup
Ongoing Performance Optimisation

We start with an exploration of your target audiences, generating key insights for the campaign strategy and marketing angles

What our clients say
  • “WDM have exceeded our expectations”
  • “They’re knowledgeable, extremely responsive and just as driven to hit our business targets as we are”
  • “Completely confident in their strategies for our ecommerce stores”
Rachel Brown
Rachel Brown
Marketing Executive, Bladnoch Distillery
First Australian Owned Scotch Distillery
  • “Within a week of the new website going live, our conversion rates increased.”
  • “We will be continuing to use their service into the future, and I would highly recommend them!”
Director, Simcorner Australia
Top Travel Sim Card Retailer in Australia
  • “They’ve helped us like no other company has been able to”
  • “Super impressed with WDM agency!”
Rachael Sutton
Rachael Sutton
Director, Electrical How To
#1 Electrical Video Training Platform

Results We’ve Achieved For Our Clients

📈 Health/Beauty Retailer - 53% CPA reduction and 385% increase in revenue from Google Shopping ($357K/month to 921K/month pre COVID19, $2.1M/month during COVID19)

📈 Travel product - 5X rate of business growth with 75% Increase in YoY Conversion Rate (From 3.9% to 7%), 486% increase in online revenue ($420K/m) - Performance Marketing & CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation)

📈 Startup Fashion Brand - improved ROAS by 8X in 3 months, improved conversion rate by 2.8X - Performance Marketing & CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation)

📈 Alcohol/Beverage Manufacturer - $11,274 online revenue generated with $108 FB ad spend (104X ROAS)

📈 Home Entertainment Electronics Manufacturer - 3X E-commerce Sales Growth - Performance Marketing

📈 Essential Oils - 2.2X Growth in Google Ads revenue in 1 month, $48K/month during COVID19

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