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The Effect of Visual Content on Online Shopping Decisions
The Effect of Visual Content on Online Shopping Decisions

The saying ‘we eat with our eyes’ couldn’t be more true when it comes to e-Commerce. Satiate your customer’s visual appetite, and you’ll be able to 

  • Earn their trust
  • Prove your value and 
  • Make it as easy as possible to help them make their purchasing decisions.

Presenting your product in a variety of ways gives customers a stronger idea of what they will be buying. Plus, this shows that you’ve gone the extra mile to capture the details and unabashedly highlight your key differentiation points.

Even when it comes to customer reviews and how much credibility it has for e-Commerce, a survey conducted in December 2020 stated that 62% of consumers from Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the UK, and the US said that they were more likely to buy something if they were able to view customer photos and videos of the item. This goes to show that when optimising content in a manner that appeals to your customers, the closer you get to helping them make faster purchasing decisions.

What Should My Business Focus On Visually?

It’s found that 80% of online shoppers tend to toggle between online search and video whilst deciding to purchase (Think With Google). More recently, it seems that viewers have deemed the traditional markers of high production quality, celebrity features and platform or network based preferences as less of an importance. Consumers in 2021 would prefer video content relevant to their personal interests, hobbies and passions. In fact, content that featured a famous actor or celebrity was held as the least important element across the 9 countries surveyed. But most interestingly, content that related the most to viewer passions was the most watched amongst Australians.

Clearly, the shift towards user-generated and short-form content does tell us one clear thing. When you find a way to speak to your audience’s passions and pain points, this will quickly override any not-so-premium aspects of how you present your point.

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