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“Should TikTok Be In My eCommerce Strategy?” What We’ve Learnt So Far [July 2021]
“Should TikTok Be In My eCommerce Strategy?” What We’ve Learnt So Far [July 2021]

What exactly are retailers doing with the Gen Z centric platform? Should your business be prepped with a TikTok eCommerce strategy? As one of the fastest-growing and most talked about channels, it’s getting harder and harder to ignore TikTok’s hype. Keep reading to decide if bandwagon-hopping is worth it.

Where TikTok Is At

Following in the footsteps of Vine, TikTok has cemented its status as having a strong engagement footprint as well as a deepening cultural impact.

The results of #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt (3.3 billion views) is staggering to say the least. American Eagle CMO Craig Brommers was even quoted as saying: “What TikTok creators wear, American Eagle sells.” While companies may now be trained to listen to their audiences, savvy customers are now just as quick to see t brand’s authenticity or if they’re just on TikTok for the hype.

Strong Consumer Ecosystem

It’s no secret that products that go viral on TikTok, sell out. From leggings to car essentials, items that deliver exactly on what they claim to do (no matter how hyperbolic) will capture the attention (and purse strings) of avid TikTok scrollers with ease.

Given that the recommendation algorithm is unique to every user, it’s no wonder that products that appear in your feed can seem to be exactly what you “need in your life”. To further justify this level of accuracy, TikTok Australia general manager Lee Hunter says the algorithm considers things like the types of videos a person likes, shares and comments on: “a whole range of things that give us a sense of who you are”. 

Matt Cleary, TikTok’s director of retail and dining global business solutions, says, “The reason #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt is such a huge trending hashtag is because of this idea of community commerce…fueled by discovering and sharing new ideas, new products, new brands.” With our world being in a constant state of flux, TikTok’s adeptness at feeding consumers not just the latest trends, but highly personalised recommendations at that, is clearly resonating.

Product Quality Matters

The channel’s highly visual nature elicits an immediate reaction in customers, creating an impact that’s more concrete than merely a text review. In fact, being able to see how customers react to a product in realtime leaves a deeper impression on viewers overall. However, a positive reaction still remains a byproduct of a brand’s commitment to actually making quality products.

It’s important to assess your consumers, what they resonate with, and why they are using social media to engage and communicate. Ultimately, it’s vital to see if your brand values align with the nature of this channel. Whether a TikTok eCommerce strategy is one that makes sense for your services and if you can authentically engage its fast-paced audiences. At the risk of seeming like a parent desperately trying to relate to their Gen Z-er, approach this with clear goals and well weighed-out intentions. The classic adage of tailoring your campaigns to suit your chosen platform and relaying your product benefits in a clear, enjoyable and delightful manner, still holds true.

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