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Bytedance Sells TikTok Tech: How This Could Change eCommerce
Bytedance Sells TikTok Tech: How This Could Change eCommerce

BytePlus only launched in June 2021 (according to the Financial Times) but already has several clients around the world, including US-based fashion app Goat, an Indonesian online shopping start-up, a Singaporean travel booking site, and a social gaming platform in India. ByteDance, Beijing-based company’s new division behind TikTok & DouYin, is called BytePlus. Created with the aim of reportedly selling its TikTok AI-powered tech to customers looking to replicate the video sharing platform’s success in their eCommerce apps and services.

TikTok’s Interaction-based Algorithm

What drives its so popular is the very recommendation algorithm that TikTok uses. As the social media platform that boasts the highest overall engagement rate, the videos you get shown on TikTok’s For You feed is based on how you interact with videos you’re shown.

These interactions are based off of which videos you like, share comment on, or create; including video information, such as captions and hashtags; and device and account settings including what device you’re using, your language preferences, and your location settings. Through buying the AI from BytePlus as a business, you will also gain access to automated speech and text translation and real-time video effects along with data analysis tools.

What This Means for eCommerce’s Future

The success of its recommendation algorithm, which now allows with businesses to personalise it according to customers, will offer a whole new insight to how content marketing will be delivered. The feed – also known as the ForYou Page – has been serving very varied feeds and wildly claimed by audiences to know them better than they know themselves. From medical diagnoses, to age-based preferences and personality tests, the app’s uncanny ability to relate and curate to each user has long been part of its highly addictive scroll-worthy appeal.

  1. Accelerated innovation on R&D: By gaining insight to user meta data and interactions, eCommerce businesses will get a better grasp on how users engage with their products and innovate accordingly.
  2. Gain effective measurements on content strategy: If the goal for an eCommerce business is to increase Lifetime Customer Value, consistently driving engagement and having a strong nurture process is key. In many instances, content strategies and campaign deliveries can be hit-and-miss, but via the algorithm, this allows marketing teams to test and optimise campaign outcomes in a more effective manner.
  3. Stickier solutions: Having data that drills down to customer behaviours, will give you the ability to create relevant and niche customer solutions that actually solves needs and desires.

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