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7 Traits Top eCommerce Entrepreneurs Share
7 Traits Top eCommerce Entrepreneurs Share

What does it take to be a successful eCommerce entrepreneur? Elon Musk was recently quoted as saying, “If you need encouragement, don’t be an entrepreneur”. While severely realistic (and a tad harsh), this merely states the tenacity and resilience it takes to face the struggles of owning and growing your own business with or without the pat on the back. Like it or not, small to medium eCommerce entrepreneurs have to work harder than ever to cut through the noise and stand out from competitors who can afford bigger campaigns. Despite it being a great time to leverage the e-Commerce shopping boom, entrepreneurs have to consistently re-prioritise their focus and hone their instincts towards elements that actually work for the business against those that don’t.

Amidst the noise, there are identifiable patterns in the ways great entrepreneurs and leaders work. Here are 7 key traits that top eCommerce entrepreneurs share:

  1. They are obsessed with the customer online buying experience
  2. They continually optimise, experiment and improve
  3. They know their metrics inside-out
  4. They choose the right partners
  5. They understand the importance of adaptability
  6. They embrace change and are ready to change their opinion when new information is presented
  7. They are results-focused and solutions driven

In a space that never stops changing, successful online entrepreneurs make it a point to be aware of their own strengths, weaknesses, privileges, their motivators and the motivations of others as well. While the traits mentioned form the main pillars and characteristics being displayed repeatedly, the most successful entrepreneurs know that growth is an endless pursuit.

Being relentless at sharpening their skills, a good eCommerce entrepreneur needs to have an eagerness to collaborate effectively, validating the impact of their products and the insatiable need to create convenience for customers lies at the heart for most successful online business owners today.


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