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27 Quick Online Tricks to Get More Customers
27 Quick Online Tricks to Get More Customers

Whether you are starting a business, company, or contracting work, you want to be found online. More than 90% of Australians online, this means 9 of 10 of your future customers will be looking for your website, Facebook Page or online business listing. Heck, they might be “Googling” you right now!

If you play the game right, you WILL find success in the online space.

We have been in the field for a while, so let us give you a few pointers.

Below is a collection of Quick Tips to Supercharge Your Online Marketing Efforts. These tips are easy to do, don’t take much time AND deliver big results.

Happy Marketing!

WDM Team

27 Quick Online Tricks to Get More Customers

1. Add a Call To Action (“Request a Quote”, “Call Now”, Call “03 12 34 567 Now”) at the top of every page of your website

2. Get feedback on your site design using Usability Hub:

You can either step back from your computer monitor while looking at your website and squint your eyes to partially distort your vision and then you will most likely only see basic blocks of your website design and sales copy.

4. Set Up Google Analytics (it’s free!) and see where your site visitors come from and what they are doing on your website (

6.Install Google Web Master Tools. This ensures Google knows about your website and allow you to start appearing in Google quicker.

8.Offer a strong money-back or return guarantee. Get customers over the line by making them a promise. If you are offering your services in market, you should be delivering them anyway.

9.Use Pingler to let Search Engines know about your website. Takes 30 seconds, just plug in your website URL and categories you want to appear for, and Pingler will send alert major search engines.

10. Add your website to your e-mail signature. Simple.

12. List Your Business on Google & Yellow Pages. You can post on hundreds of online directories, but most will refer to Google and YP anyway.

13.Use Topsy to find out what people are saying about your brand, product, or service on social media such as Twitter and Instagram, for free!

14. Generate Content Title Ideas with this tool. For when you are stuck for ideas for writing articles that could be of interest to your customers.

15. Google Your Competitors. Are they doing anything successfully that you can do for yourself?

16. Google Yourself. What sites are linking to you? Are your competitors appearing?

17. Join Industry Associations. The Queensland Government site for businesses has a directory of associations by industry:

18. Add Social Share Buttons and Track their usage with Add This. See what content is popular with your customers.

19.Run an online only promotion and post on Bargain sites (eg. Ozbargain)

20.Complete your social media account profiles and link to website.

21.Use the Google Keyword Tool to find out how many people are searching for your brand, product or service online.

22.Take a picture of your office and add to the contact page

23.Free to Use Images

24.Get the most web un-savvy person you know to test your site.

25. Ask 3 customers/clients for feedback on your site.

26. Ask a question at the end of your blog post, to encourage comments.

27. Share/retweet your older but popular content again.