How we helped a Travel Sim Card retailer achieve 5X in Business Growth using our E-commerce Flywheel Framework


Our client is an Australian-based online retailer of travel prepaid SIM cards aimed at international travellers. Partnering with telecommunication providers across the Americas, Asia and Europe, the business purpose is to help its users stay connected with locally priced calls, texts and data on a SIM card that can be purchased and delivered before their flight.
  • 526%Overall Business Revenue in just 14 Months
  • 93%YoY Increase in Website Conversion Rate
  • 144%Google Ads Driven Revenue in 90 Days
  • 2.7XMobile Organic Google Traffic (SEO) in 90 Days
  • 2.58XRevenue from Mobile devices in 90 Days

Initial Situation

5 years into the business, our client had been growing its business operations steadily and had organically developed into a 7-figure business. With growth came the growth pains – the symptoms being high bounce rates and low conversion rates on the website. There were thousands of visitors coming on to the website but only a few were turning into customers. But there was more. The owners were frustrated with their website that was riddled with frequent site crashes, security bugs and payment transaction failures. It was clear that the site also needed a full refresh when it came to the lack of quality user experience.

We sifted through the existing problems and revisited their e-Commerce strategy, determined to help transform the online store and the business to surpass its competitors and become the #1 choice for travel SIM cards.

How Helped Simcorner Achieve 5X Growth

  • FEB 2018New Online Store Launch

    • Almost immediately, the website conversion rate doubled (93% increase in YoY conversion rate = – which led to double the sales revenue
  • FEB 2018Started Google Ads Management

    • We took over the Google Ads and applied our strategies – seeing 144% YoY Growth in ads-driven sales revenue in first 90 days after launch!
  • FEB 2018Launched Mobile Dedicated Site
    New Mobile Website significantly improved Mobile SEO performance:

    • 2.7X increase in Mobile Organic Google Traffic (SEO) in first three months)
    • 2.58X in revenue from Mobile devices in first three months

Ecommerce Flywheel In Action

“We used WDM to revamp our website on the Magento 2 Platform. The final product was a significant improvement on our website. Within a week of the new website going live, our conversion rates increased. Both Ephraim and Yuvraj were easy to work with and also were very receptive to answering any questions that we had. We will be continuing to use their service into the future, and I would highly recommend them for anyone considering creating a website or upgrading their current website.”
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