Startup Fashion Brand - improved ROAS by 8X in 3 months, improved conversion rate by 2.8X - Performance Marketing & CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation)


Novella The Label is a boutique fashion brand based in Melbourne, started by a bigger manufacturing group that generates 10+mil annual revenue supplying popular Australian retail brands. They had launched their brand in the middle of the COVID19 pandemic, with a Shopify website and Facebook Ads. With a big spend on advertising, they were not getting profitable results and were running at a negative ROAS (return on ad spend).

The Approach

Needing help, they looked around and were referred to us through another client we work with. After diagnosing their situation, we performed a detailed audit and strategy on their e-commerce marketing activities, and created a plan based on our E-commerce Flywheel Framework that included:
  • Audience Strategy
  • Brand Positioning Strategy
  • Website Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Facebook Ads and Google Ads performance optimization
  • Organic Social Media Strategies
  • Klaviyo Email Automation
  • Data & Analytics
  • Unit Metrics Analysis and Forecasts

The Result ?

As a result of this, ROAS of their advertising spend improved by 8X in 3 months, and their website conversion rate saw an increase of 2.8X – turning their advertising activity profitable and scalable.

With the flywheel in motion, and growing number of influencers & celebrities donning the outfits – Novella is the exciting new fashion brand to watch out for!