How We Helped a B2B Medical Equipment Distributor Increase Product Enquiries by 73% Leading to a 151% Increase in Sales Conversion Rate

Client Description

Marlin Medical is a supplier of medical and healthcare equipment in Australia. Hooked On Healthcare is a division of Marlin Medical Pty Ltd to facilitate the online ordering of a selected range of products.

Initial Situation

A poorly built e-commerce website with a lot of technical issues was just the start. The client also had to manage two different product databases separately across the Marlin Medical and Hooked on Healthcare websites which made for inefficient work processes and a higher margin for error where consolidation was concerned.

Where They Wanted To Be

Marlin Medical & Hooked On Healthcare wanted to have two websites sync product information with each other, along with an easier way to navigate through the many different product categories for the Marlin Medical website.

How We Helped Them

We designed a whole new user experience solution for navigation using a super-menu which had both an internal search function as well as a filtered product category section on the homepage. A database sync was also created so products would only need to be managed through one website. On top of that, we added a periodic sync to ensure that products were being pushed onto the other website regularly and seamlessly.

The Result

Great feedback from the client’s team and customers! Reduced store management time significantly then allowed the company to focus on digital marketing efforts that would drive traffic, new visitors and e-commerce sales through the store.

  • 📈 73% Increase in Conversion Rate (Product Enquiry Submission)
  • 📈 151% Increase in Sales Conversion Rate