How We Helped Australia’s Top 5 Retailer achieve a 385% Increase In Revenue from Google Shopping At a 52% Reduction in Costs


Our client is in the top 5 biggest retailers in Australia, and the largest home-grown one turning over more than $6bil in annual revenue. Their online store is an important part of their omni-channels strategy, turning over 9 figure annual revenues.

Initial Situation

From 2018-2019, their Google Shopping ads program was being managed by an award winning Google Shopping Ads agency.
While getting good initial results, the account performance was starting to plateau in terms of revenue growth and reduction in CPS (Cost Per Sales).

An increasing competition in the space also drove up cost per clicks.
With over 16,000 SKUs and a catalogue that experiences high fluctuations in prices due to being a discount chemist, it proved to be a challenge for the incumbent agency to take the account performance to the next level.

How We Helped

We performed a deep analysis of the account:
  • 🔎 Search Terms

    There were millions of search terms in the account, making it difficult to perform search query optimisations.

  • 🔎 Bidding

    Automated bid strategies were implemented using the native Google Ads platform.

  • 🔎 SKUs

    With over 16,000 SKUs we had to identify product segments based on performance.

Top 3 optimisation tactics that worked:
  • ⚙️ Used our Bag of words tool to find patterns in single keyword terms across the millions of search queries in the account to quickly optimise large scale optimisations.
  • ⚙️ Splitting up campaigns and budgets based on performance of product segments.
  • ⚙️ Migrated to Double Click for Search 360 and setting up advanced bid strategy options to scale up the account based on ROAS.

The Result ?

🔥 52% CPA reduction and 385% increase in Google Shopping Revenue in the first 45 Days of Optimisation