A True “Digital + Marketing” Agency

Why Clients Love Working With Us

E-Commerce Flywheel

E-Commerce Flywheel

The E-commerce Flywheel, the framework WDM advocates, drives scalable and sustainable e-commerce growth so you get a really long term benefit.

Onboarding By Principal Consultants

Onboarding By Principal Consultants

Principal consultants Yuvraj & Ephraim will personally onboard each client to ensure partnership success & achieve the goals set out from the start

Consolidate Multiple Vendors

Consolidate Multiple Vendors

Our full set of Marketing & Technology services help you consolidate multiple vendors, making it easier to manage, less expensive and ultimately more profitable for you

No Lock In Contracts

No Lock In Contracts

No lock-in contracts provides a low risk arrangement for our clients, driven by our confidence in being able to ensure an excellent return on your investment

Instantly Add Marketing & Web Technology Expertise

Instantly Add Marketing & Web Technology Expertise

By accessing our team of UI/UX designers, Shopify Developers, Content Specialists, E-commerce Consultants, and Digital Marketing Experts, you immediately add the Marketing and Web Technology expertise needed to execute your business goals in a more cost effective arrangement than hiring in-house

In-House Programmatic Ad Management Tools

In-House Programmatic Ad Management Tools

Our Programmatic Management of Google Ads/Shopping Accounts optimise accounts using Machine Learning & Automation so you cut ad spend wastage and maximise your ROAS

IMTEX Shopify Migration Process

IMTEX Shopify Migration Process

Our bullet-proof IMTEX Shopify Migrations Process ensures a clean end-to-end migration with a guaranteed no loss of sales or traffic during and after the migration process

Give your business direct access to 25 years of
e-commerce business experience - no amateurs here!


Principal Web Technology Consultant


Principal Digital Marketing Consultant

A Tag Team Approach

The Difference That Delivers Real Business Outcomes


Consultant-led technology team performs a store migration with the technical precision of a heart surgeon.


Marketing experts unlock the maximum performance of Shopify’s powerful marketing engine to accelerate your business growth.

Tech Services

  • Ecommerce migration:
    - Any platform (like Magento or WooCommerce) to Shopify
  • Custom Shopify store development
  • Shopify App Development
  • Business Automation & API Integrations
  • SEO Migration Services
  • Technical SEO
  • Ecomm store SEO
  • Shopify store customization
  • Shopify theme development and customization
  • Shopify store design
  • Shopify Plus configuration and management
  • API integrations
  • Speed optimisation (Faster website also = better user experience = better conversion rate)
  • Ecomm marketing tech stack implementation and management
  • Custom Web & Mobile App Development
  • Custom ASP.NET & PHP Web Development work
  • Business Analysis
  • Business Automation

Marketing Services

  • E-Commerce Flywheel framework
  • E-commerce flywheel Audit - We analyse and score 300+ factors across 31 categories
  • SEO Migration Services
  • Technical SEO
  • Ecomm store SEO
  • Facebook ads for e-commerce brands & retailers
  • Google ads for e-commerce brands & retailers
  • CRO (Conversion rate optimization)
  • TikTok Advertising
  • Social Influencer Outreach Programs
  • Social Media Strategy
  • E-mail Marketing Automation (Klaviyo Marketing)
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Landing Pages
  • SMS Marketing
  • Content Writing & Strategy
  • CRM Integration
  • Strategic Consultation

Type of results we achieve for our clients

  • 📈 Alcohol/Beverage Manufacturer - $11,274 online revenue generated with $108 FB ad spend (104X ROAS)
  • 📈 Health/Beauty Retailer - 53% CPA reduction and 385% increase in revenue from Google Shopping ($357K/month to 921K/month pre COVID19, $2.1M/month during COVID19)
  • 📈 Travel product - 5X rate of business growth with 75% Increase in YoY Conversion Rate (From 3.9% to 7%), 486% increase in online revenue ($420K/m)
  • 📈 B2B Life Science - 3X Number of Online Product Enquiries Through Organic Traffic
  • 📈 Home Entertainment Electronics Manufacturer - 3X E-commerce Sales Growth
  • 📈 Personalised Office Goods - 51% improvement in conversion rate, 170% growth in revenue
  • 📈 Baby Products (Startup) - Proof Of Concept campaign generated biggest day and biggest month in sales
  • 📈 Essential Oils - 2.2X Growth in Google Ads revenue in 1 month, $48K/month during COVID19
  • 📈 Recruitment - Lead Gen campaign generating additional $1million in revenue for 2 person recruitment agency

Our Values

  • Growth Mindset

    Growth Mindset

    Having a growth mindset is everything. We’re constantly upskilling and learning, and our dedicated team is constantly seeking out ways to self-improve. We thrive when partnering with forward-thinking businesses who share the same drive.

  • Commitment to Results

    Stay Curious

    We’re curious, committed and collaborative. While keeping in tune with our own specialties, we continuously seek out ways to train, develop and apply our skills in broader spectrums for well-rounded work that considers all opportunities and possibilities.

  • Stay Curious

    Global Culture

    Diversity is not just an empty workplace slogan here. Besides having a growth mindset, our team is a collective of cohesive, solutions-focused, and gender-diverse individuals from a variety of cultural backgrounds so fresh perspectives are always being brought to the table.

  • Entrepreneurial

    Commitment to Results

    No solution? No dice. We reverse-engineer goals to ensure that every measured step we take leads us in the right direction to get businesses the bottom line results.

  • Global Culture


    Business-minded, digitally driven with an entrepreneurial spirit, we love creating more value in the market, and scaling up so we can help more people. As such, we also love working with growing businesses who take their vision into reality. We will be your trusted partner on your business journey.

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