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Opportunities in Mobile Marketing for Small-to-Medium Businesses
Opportunities in Mobile Marketing for Small-to-Medium Businesses

The verdict is in. According to a report by Newstore, retailers have been slow in shifting their attention to mobile marketing and sales. This, in spite of an industry-wide consensus that the future of retail rests with our smartphones.

What does this mean for small-to-medium sized businesses? Newstore scored businesses by a few categories: Mobile Experience, Search and Share, Personalization and Engagement, Path to Purchase, and Fulfilment. For small-to-medium sized businesses, these parameters are useful in evaluating whether your digital marketing strategy has placed enough priority on mobile readiness.

In the past few months, increasingly more discussion has turned to the opportunities for growth in mobile marketing.

The ubiquity of mobile internet usage means that consumers are looking up information, browsing, and researching products on their smartphones. Thus, it’s important to not only consider the transactional journey of the consumer but also the complete experience. This ranges from having a mobile-friendly website with rich content and an easy path to purchase, to considering your Google mobile rank or the accessibility of your contact information and location.

Main Takeaway

At the core of it, the gaps that currently exist for mobile marketing points to opportunities to take advantage of the difference between how users consume media on smartphones vs. on their desktop. With even major retailers lagging behind on fully taking advantage of this trend, it’s prime time to rethink whether you’re giving enough attention to mobile advertising and marketing.