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6 Reasons Your E-Commerce Website Isn’t Converting
6 Reasons Your E-Commerce Website Isn’t Converting

Your e-commerce website is up and running but you’re not seeing the conversion results that you want. Here are a few reasons that might be happening, from your homepage to checkout:

1. Your homepage isn’t optimised.

With your home page functioning as your store front, it’s important to create a good first impression. An outdated design, for example, might lessen trust and undermine the authority of your brand from the get-go. Additionally, if your copy is too dense or not easily scannable, customers might find it difficult to get the information they are looking for.

2. Your website is slow

This is an obvious point but one worth looking at. If your website takes too long a time to load, impatient customers will simply search for a quicker website for the products they want.

3. Your checkout is too time-consuming.

If you’re requesting too much unnecessary information from the customer, it’s asking for more effort, hence creating another obstacle to purchase. Too many steps at checkout might also cause customers to drop off at some point. At the same time, the process to “Add to cart” should not be confusing.

4. There are not enough payment options.

You might be losing out customers at the last step of checkout, when they get to the payment stage but your only option is a credit card. With the plethora of online payment options that are available, customers might be looking for Paypal or even direct debit from their bank account.

5. Your product descriptions contain insufficient information.

You might not be providing enough information for customers to make a decision to purchase. Conversely, your product descriptions could just be a copy-paste from manufacturers, and there are not enough unique descriptions between products.

6. Your website has poor user interface.

Whether customers are looking to browse or purchase a specific product, it can be annoying when certain products are hard to find. Taking the time to think through your user interface from the perspective of a customer will lessen the stumbling blocks throughout the shopping journey, from research to checkout. This includes the layout of your website, your navigation structure, and your product categories.

The Takeaway

These are several reasons why your ecommerce website isn’t converting. They should be adapted to fit your brand, product types, and target audience. The main purpose of an ecommerce site would be to make the shopping journey as user-friendly as possible to achieve the results you want.